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JP-H04341654-A: Hydraulic controller patent, JP-H04371650-A: Connection part of coping patent, JP-H04505549-A: patent, JP-H0458401-A: Projection type headlamp for automobile patent, JP-H0460810-A: Numerical control information generator patent, JP-H0467213-A: Hot/cool water mixing device patent, JP-H046839-A: Charge transfer element patent, JP-H0474205-A: Correction system for tool diameter patent, JP-H0487617-A: Dehumidification structure patent, JP-H0488946-A: Production of cheeses patent, JP-H0492667-A: Medicine giving tray patent, JP-H05100433-A: Production of screen printing plate material and screen printing plate patent, JP-H0510686-A: 電気炉へ投入する原料の予熱方法及び原料予熱用の炉上 ビン patent, JP-H05112387-A: Sealed package of iodine and iodine containing compound patent, JP-H05155443-A: 積替機及び積替方法 patent, JP-H05166349-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H05169529-A: インフレーションフィルムの製造方法 patent, JP-H0518944-A: 超音波探触子 patent, JP-H05190245-A: Joining method, manufacture of high density circuit board, and high density printed circuit board patent, JP-H05219481-A: Video signal magnetic reproducer and time base correcting circuit patent, JP-H05223223-A: Slurry atomizer burner patent, JP-H05223762-A: Thermal analysis method and device using temperature wave patent, JP-H05275826-A: Printed board patent, JP-H05277975-A: 多軸ロボットの位置精度点検装置 patent, JP-H05286007-A: Method for judging quality of molded item patent, JP-H05290606-A: Rear combination lamp patent, JP-H05294303-A: Device for putting cover on container patent, JP-H05331894-A: Setting method of water-proof pan patent, JP-H05504302-A: patent, JP-H0552665-A: 温度検出端 patent, JP-H0555219-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H057106-A: Broad band ungrounded microwave antenna patent, JP-H0577848-A: プラスチツクびん及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H0583872-A: 二次電池システム patent, JP-H0590539-A: Semiconductor storage device patent, JP-H0598749-A: 横葺き面板の接合構造 patent, JP-H0610952-A: Boss fixing apparatus and assembling method patent, JP-H06153697-A: Continuous perforated lid for spawn of shitake mushroom and cutting tool for perforated lid patent, JP-H06159507-A: Bellows patent, JP-H06177239-A: Manufacture of trench element isolation structure patent, JP-H06179408-A: Stretch packaging device patent, JP-H0618736-A: 集積光学系用の波長分割マルチプレクサ patent, JP-H06201662-A: 探傷信号判別装置 patent, JP-H06214955-A: 金融計算機 patent, JP-H06232538-A: Method for forming corrosion-resistant multilayer metallic structure patent, JP-H06255814-A: セラミックグリーンシート搬送方法及びそれに使用するマニプレーター patent, JP-H06267298-A: 並列ビットテストモード内蔵半導体メモリ patent, JP-H06274944-A: 微細パターン形成装置 patent, JP-H06285075-A: Viscera pressing instrument used for abdominal wall-hoisting operation patent, JP-H06320412-A: Polishing device patent, JP-H06329227-A: ベルトコンベヤ装置 patent, JP-H06337940-A: Emulation method and device patent, JP-H06338437-A: Electric double layer capacitor patent, JP-H0673236-A: ゴム組成物及びその加硫部品 patent, JP-H0713579-A: Karaoke device patent, JP-H07157391-A: 酸化膜耐圧特性に優れたシリコン単結晶の製造方法および製造装置 patent, JP-H07182055-A: 安定化電源回路 patent, JP-H07222999-A: Method and apparatus for drying excessive organic sludge with gas deodorization patent, JP-H07276684-A: 画像記録カード再使用処理装置 patent, JP-H07293272-A: Coal gasifying device for coal gasification combined power generation plant patent, JP-H07305630-A: 海洋エンジンにおける電蝕防止装置 patent, JP-H07314452-A: Tire transport loader patent, JP-H0749047-A: Engine rotational speed automatic regulating device patent, JP-H0767062-A: 投写型表示装置 patent, JP-H0767404-A: 畦塗装置 patent, JP-H0791053-A: 箱抜き用成形体及び箱抜き方法 patent, JP-H08113945-A: 植生袋体および植生袋体を使用する植栽工法 patent, JP-H08167000-A: Device and method for character recognition patent, JP-H0817214-A: Floor lamp patent, JP-H08177827-A: C-type ring patent, JP-H08195503-A: 太陽電池冷却装置 patent, JP-H08226118-A: 薬液注入併用ロックボルト工法 patent, JP-H08276061-A: Pachinko machine patent, JP-H08284016-A: Biodegradable fiber patent, JP-H08303095-A: Door stop tool for biparting door patent, JP-H0861307-A: ボールバルブアクチュエータ patent, JP-H089937-A: Vegetable soup and its production patent, JP-H0911523-A: Printing density correctable thermal printer patent, JP-H091481-A: 直交ロボットの直線移動倍速装置 patent, JP-H09174980-A: Printer with menu selecting function patent, JP-H0942592-A: 潤滑用バルブ patent, JP-H10209161-A: 簡略型ホール相互接続方法 patent, JP-S4835551-A: patent, JP-S4851044-A: patent, JP-S49105924-A: patent, JP-S49121006-A: patent, JP-S4986986-A: patent, JP-S50117127-A: patent, JP-S50123617-A: patent, JP-S50138209-A: patent, JP-S50147922-A: patent, JP-S50155439-A: patent, JP-S5047251-A: patent, JP-S5050580-A: patent, JP-S505149-A: patent, JP-S5059332-A: patent, JP-S5089460-A: patent, JP-S5089763-A: patent, JP-S5089906-A: patent, JP-S5093339-A: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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